19 Crimes

The Brief

Treasury Wine Estates, the world’s largest pure play wine company, approached us to create and execute an engaging national Virtual & Augmented Reality sampling program for their rebellious wine – 19 Crimes. The aim was to drive brand awareness, share the story behind the wine and cultivate a unique consumer engagement strategy through digital technology.

The Unlock

The solution was utilizing smartphone technology via the creation of an application that would bring the labels of wine to life and a personalized mugshot experience that consumers could enjoy upon their trip to their favorite grocery or spirits store. Shoppers could have their very own mugshot photo taken and placed on their 19 Crimes wine bottle.

The Results

The results were a resounding success, the brand saw conversion rates soar to 47% defying current industry standards. On average, sixty consumers were sampled at each activation increasing brand exposure. Along with the strong increase in sales and engagement, the campaign was awarded the Gold Reggie Award for Content Marketing in 2018.